What is the timeline for the mandated closure?
Per Governor Pritzker’s executive order the mandated closure has been extended
through April 7, 2020. This closure includes all of the school grounds (buildings, fields,
and playgrounds).

What is Remote Learning?
Remote learning is learning that happens outside of the traditional classroom because
the student and teacher are separated by distance and/or time. This may evolve in the
coming weeks if necessary including offering technology to those in need.

How do we access remote learning materials?
Remote learning materials can be accessed in two ways. One way will be Monday, March
30 from 3:30-6:00 p.m. at your student’s respective building. Another way to access
materials will be from the school website, under the Remote Learning link.

How will this mandated closure affect grades?
Grading should focus on the continuation of learning. A focus on keeping children
emotionally and physically safe, fed, and engaged in learning should be our first priority
during this unprecedented time.

Will students still be served breakfast and lunch?
Breakfast and lunch are available daily for all Windsor CUSD 1 students. This program is
no different than students getting breakfast or lunch normally at school. Breakfast and
lunch pickup is Monday thru Friday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am at four locations:
Windsor Elementary School, Windsor Christian Church, MHP Mobile Home Park, and
Gays Village Hall.

What are the district’s office hours?
The Windsor Jr./Sr. High School office is available for phone calls from 8:00-1:00
Monday through Friday.

How can we contact the staff?
All staff emails are available on the district webpage (https://windsorcusd.org/) under
each school’s tab.

Have the plans for Senior Trip changed?
Due to the number of closures and travel restrictions put into place, the Class of 2020s
class trip to Washington D.C. has been canceled.

What about Upcoming Student Events?
Decisions will be made on upcoming events in a timely manner. We will communicate
all cancellations and postponements through our social media pages and all call
service. At this time all student events, including sports, have been canceled through
April 7. All athletes are reminded that you cannot participate in club sports during the
closure as it will violate IESA/IHSA rules and guidelines.

What if I did not receive my 3rd Quarter report card?
Third-quarter report cards went out on March 20th. If you did not receive one via email
or in the mail, please contact the high school office and one can be printed and sent to

Will state and national testing still occur?
Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) testing for grades 3-8, the Illinois Science
Assessment (ISA) for grades 5, 8, and Juniors and the SAT have all been canceled for
this school year. The SAT will be offered at a later date (either the summer or fall —
dates still not decided by the state).

What will occur if my student has an upcoming IEP or 504 meetings?
For upcoming IEP’s and 504 meetings, parents and guardians will be contacted to set
up an online meeting or teleconference.

What do I do with my Freshmen Class fundraiser?
Freshmen who sold Krispy Kreme donuts should drop their fundraiser information (order
form and money) to the high school by Friday, April 3.

What if my student is enrolled in Dual Credit Classes?

  • For those dual credit courses that are taught by a high school instructor:
    The online, alternative or remote instruction that takes place must still meet the
    standards for college credit. So long as coursework is being completed in these
    courses, students should receive credit for that work.
  • For those dual credit courses that are taught by a college instructor:
    The institution of higher education should work with the high school to transition
    those students to online, remote, or alternative delivery options, consistent with
    the direction of both systems at this time.

What do I do if I am a CEO student?
CEO students should have been contacted by their instructor. If they have not, please
contact Mrs. Bridges and she will assist you.

What if my student is ready for behind the wheel instruction?
Unfortunately, all behind the wheel instruction has been postponed. Once the executive
the order has been lifted we will begin driving as soon as possible.

Is the Mobile Food Pantry occurring? What time will it be held?
Yes, the mobile food pantry is occurring at Windsor Elementary School. Please drive
through the parking lot, line up, (just as arrival/dismissal) have your number ready, and
stay in your car. Someone will meet you to get your number and gather your box for